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In its second installment, THE CHORUS OF WOMEN is confronted with the image of femininity in the Catholic Church – the Blessed Virgin Mary. With its ideological and aesthetic power. With the magnetic force of this sacred icon of femininity.


Quotes from the Bible, food recipes, texts by Jelinek, Mickiewicz, and fragments of Euripides' Bacchae are mixed by the choir with the computer sounds, the thud of shutters and flashes, and newspaper quotes. Rhythmic speech and pop culture one-liners intertwine with the traditional forms of sacred music. Notes of the Magnificat are sampled and serve as backing tracks for cultural texts and adverts. An ideological-sonic remix is created. The Virgin Mary descends from the holy images.


THE CHORUS OF WOMEN: PROJECT II is a statement about the woman in the Church's system of power, made without the use of sacred or non-sacred words. It is a post-opera form which gives rise to the polyphonic, pop-cultural "MAGNIFICAT".

Marta Górnicka



THE CHORUS OF WOMEN II was voted as "Teatr" magazine's BEST ALTERNATIVE THEATRE PERFORMANCE IN POLAND in the 2010/2011 season and as the BEST THEATRE SCORE.

The "MAGNIFICAT" has been awarded a Grand Prize of the Jury of the XLVII Review of Small Form Theater KONTRAPUNKT 2012 as well as the main prize for the best director and audience prize and the audience award on the M-theater Festival 2012 in Koszalin. Also in 2012 Marta Górnicka was awarded the First Prize for Directing "MAGNIFICAT" at the FastForward European Festival of Young Directors in Brunswick.