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We are pleased to announce the Berlin premiere of the performance JEDEM DAS SEINE. EIN MANIFEST directed by Marta Górnicka, which will take place at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin on 26 October2019, starting at 19.30. JEDEM DAS SEINE will be presented onthe opening night of the fourth edition of the festival BERLINER HERBSTSALON.

JEDEM DAS SEINE. EIN MANIFEST is a performance which discusses the existinginequalities between men and women, but first and foremost the patriarchalorder of the world as a structural problem. Fascism and nationalisms, which arebeing revived around Europe and the world, instrumentalize women’s andchildren’s bodies again, exploiting them in a political war. The totalmanagement of the female body is the foundation of every kind of nationalistpopulism. Today, the political formations of the radical Right are built aroundslogans of “defending women.” It is our women and their bodies that must beprotected from barbaric hordes. From Others. Ultimately, women and children are the mosteffective ideological weapons today.

"This is a short, painful description of reality, which thrusts itself into the viewers’consciousness visually and acoustically, and will remain in their memory for along time due to its persistence."

Sven Ricklefs,29 May 2018


performancedates: 26 October at 19.30, 27 October at 20.30.venue: MaximGorki Theater, Berlin

The performanceis a co-production of the Münchner Kammerspiele and the Maxim Gorki TheaterBerlin. It had its Munich premiere on 28 May 2018.


BERLINERHERBSTSALON’spromotional video:

International tour of "HYMN TO LOVE"

"HYMN TO LOVE" directed by Marta Górnicka will be presented in Germany, Holland, France, Russia and Poland.

The performance is presented on the 1st of November at Ringlokschuppen Ruhr in Müllheim and then heads to Utrecht (3rd of November). "HYMN TO LOVE" is performed on the 11th of November as part of Festival SENS INTERDITS at Théâtre des Célestins in Lyon. On the 15th and 16th of November, the performance is presented at Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg and on the 18th and 19th of November during the NEXT festival in Villeneuve d'Ascq. 

"HYMN TO LOVE" will be the first Marta Górnicka's work presented in Russia. The performance is presented on the 12th of December during Festival NET (New European Theatre) in Moscow. "HYMN TO LOVE" is performed in Warsaw on the 18th and 19th of December at the Powszechny Theater. 

The shows in Warsaw are co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw.

"Grundgesetz": premiere at the Brandenburg Gate

Premiere of "Grundgesetz" directed by Marta Górnicka at the Brandenburg Gate as part of the anniversary of German unification 2018.


The German BASIC LAW is a contested ground these days, a flashpoint.


FREEDOM, THE RIGHT OF ASYLUM, THE RIGHT TO RESIST, CITIZEN, NATION, HAIMAT, DEMOCRACY, JUSTICE, UNITY ‒ politics makes use of words, appropriates them, rips apart, puts to the test. Plunges into war.


Who is the subject of the GERMAN Constitution? In whose name does it speak? Who does it belong to? What does it mean to You?
Can a document enshrining the fundamental rights ‘of all Germans’ put a stop to violence and racism? Is any document that ‘guarantees’ democratic values capable of ‘defending’ them?

On the Day of German Unity, in front of the BRANDENBURG gate, in a symbolic place that stands for unity and division, in front of a monument that evokes the division of the Germans into two blocs and two social systems, as well as their unification and establishment of a democratic state, Marta Górnicka puts the Basic Law to a performative test. STRESS TESTING (also known as ‘torture testing’) involves subjecting a tested object or material to extreme forces to test its strength, reveal the limits of safe use and the point of final failure. This concept, which comes from the fields of economics, computer science and medicine, defines borderline security procedures in all areas of life. A computer or heart is subjected to extreme workloads to see how long they can work. How much blood can your heart pump? When will the computer crash? What are the conditions in which a system fails, because the forces acting on it have exceeded its endurance limit?


‘I’m interested in the tension between law and violence ‒ the limits and durability of a consensus that protects us against violence and against seeing our opponent’s death as the ultimate way of resolving conflicts. This consensus can only be achieved in language. The words that are written into laws are supposed to guarantee disarmament. They literally knock weapons out of our hands and enable us to overcome the rule of violence. But words can also arm our opponents. Every act of genocide or systemic violence, every refusal of solidarity that brings death, are first effected in language.
German society today is deeply divided. Two different visions of community are clashing ‒ national and homogeneous versus open and diverse. A fight is waged with words and for words.
Whose vision ‘promotes world peace’? Who is ‘the nation’? Who forms ‘a majority’? Who is the citizen? Who is the alien? Who does this country belong to? Which GERMAN belongs to GERMANY? Who are ‘ALLE DEUTSCHEN!’?
By subjecting the Basic Law to stress testing, we test the maximum workload and capacity that its words can handle.’


The performance will feature actors of the GORKI THEATER, including the EXILE ENSAMBLE, children, people with Down’s syndrome, actors of the Ramba Zamba Theatre, members of the Berlin Seniors’ Association, refugees, sports fans, people with disabilities. 50 representatives of different religions, worldviews, languages and heritages.




Bring along a copy of the Constitution and read it with us in front of the Brandenburg Gate!
Join us for our performance at 3pm and then at TANZBAR DISCO opposite the home of the GORKI THEATER.


Opening of the festival WAR OR PEACE - CROSSROADS OF HISTORY 1918 / 2018.


Grundgesetz is co-financed by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung and Kulturstiftung des Bundes. In collaboration with Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH and RambaZamba Theater.

premiere "HYMN TO LOVE" directed by Marta Górnicka

HYMN TO LOVE for orchestra, stuffed-animal choir, and others is a show about Europe closing its ranks. Nation after nation is crying out: “Give us back our country!” And Poles are eagerly joining in the chorus.
It is also a show about how every nation loves to forget. And how human time-bombs are so furious they're blowing their fuses. Thus, history repeats itself. So, just for us, the chorus will sing The Song of the Forgetful Nation:

The TRUTH is that this NATION let all of this happen. It let certain of its children, the chosen children, die, even though they were never its children, children of that nation. OK. So that makes it all right. And, anyway, it wasn't THIS country but THAT ONE: (high and low) GERMANY. And we don't know anything about it. WE DIDN'T SEE IT HAPPEN. Certain facts have been tailored to fit the story. And since it's only been a short time that we've had this country and this nation for OUR VERY OWN, we fight, fight to make it OUR country, our POLAND, ours and OURS ALONE.
So we can't afford to take in those Fugitives now, either. Oh, we simply can't allow that. We have a lot of room but it's not enough. We can't squeeze anything more in. We can love them when they're at home where they belong, and anyway it's those who are to blame who should help them first. Besides, they'd come and grab all the special offers on smartphones, and seize all the bargains and discounts.
And the thing about us Polish people is…
…we sure do love low prices!


In HYMN TO LOVE, I've composed a monstrous “National Songbook” out of various versions of the national anthem, marches, patriotic songs, religious hymns and folk songs – our shared musical repertoire, so eagerly being mixed by the nationalist rappers of today: 'TIS A DAY OF BLOOD AND GLORY!
When working on this project, I was haunted by the image of the concentration camp orchestra, which played marches, German classical music, and tunes from prewar operettas. All the inmates were forced to sing along. Music played a part in the Holocaust. I am exploring the way songs were complicit in murder.
I believe that the CHORUS, as a figure of the community, can show the workings of the collective unconscious. Its song exposes the frightfulness of a community bound together by love of country: of a homeland exclusively for people like us. A homeland which is like a family that has to be kept safe and pure by eliminating all foreign bodies – other races, religions, sexualities. Such a love is a perverse fulfillment of the commandment “Love thy neighbour as thyself”! It inspires Champions of Purity/Saviours to fight for our right to love our neighbours, as long as they look just like us. “You must honour me for my seventy-seven victims,” Anders Breivik urges, “Actions like mine prevent a future civil war, which could result in the death of hundreds of thousands. I put the world in order. I come to heal.”
With a smile, Breivik insists he is completely sane, as the entire history of our civilization attests. He is right. How are we to respond to this horrific logic?
Marta Górnicka


The choir will be made up of actors and actresses from Teatr Polski in Poznań and from The Chorus of Women, amateurs, children, adults with Down's Syndrome, and senior citizens.


Conceived, written and directed by: Marta Górnicka
Dramaturgy: Agata Adamiecka
Choreography: Anna Godowska
Set design: Robert Rumas
Music: Teoniki Rożynek
Costumes: Anna Maria Karczmarska
Puppets: Konrad Czarkowski (Kony Puppets)
Lighting design: Artur Sienicki
Stage management: Andrzej Szwaczyk
Producers: Izabela Dobrowolska, Agnieszka Różyńska
Assistant to the director: Arnold Prządka
Assistant to the choreographer: Anna Krysiak
Assistant to the costume designer: Agnieszka Majkutewicz
Assistant and musical consultant: Joanna Piech – Sławecka


Sylwia Achu, Pamela Adamik, Anna Andrzejewska, Maria Chleboś, Konrad Cichoń, Piotr Dąbrowski, Tymon Dąbrowski, Maciej Dużyński, Anna Gierczyńska, Paula Głowacka, Maria Haile, Wojciech Jaworski, Borys Jaźnicki, Katarzyna Jaźnicka, Ewa Konstanciak, Irena Lipczyńska, Kamila Michalska, Izabela Ostolska, Filip Piotr Rutkowski, Michał Sierosławski, Ewa Sołtysiak, Ewa Szumska, Krystyna Lama Szydłowska, Kornelia Trawkowska, Anastazja Żak

Co-produced by: The CHORUS OF WOMEN Foundation, Polski Theatre in Poznan, Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, Maxim Gorki Theater

Partners: Goethe-Institut, Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle

Project co-financed by The City of Warsaw and Kunststiftung NRW.

Marta Górnicka nominated for DER FAUST Award

The committee of the prestigious theater award DER FAUST praised Górnicka for directing the influential performance (M)OTHER COURAGE at the Staatstheater Braunschweig in Braunschweig, Germany. In their statement, the jury describes the spectacle as “an impressive, linguistically perfect work, involving six actresses and seventeen amateurs, and discussing the topic of war. It is an example of a new theatrical form that engages amateurs. The linguistic aspect of the performance deserves special attention, as it is often considered to be a potential weak point of working with non-professionals”. Besides Górnicka, the FAUST shortlist included Frank Castorf for his Brothers Karamazov (Volksbühne Berlin) as well as Tom Kühnel and Jürgen Kuttner for a performance entitled Der Auftrag (Schauspiel Hannover). The winners will be announced on November 5th during the award ceremony in Freiburg.


The cast of (M)OTHER COURAGE will give a guest performance in Berlin on October 12th at the Maxim Gorki Theatre.


DER FAUST Award was established in 2006 as a national non-subsidized theater award, aimed at showcasing the artistic potential of the German theater. Theaters are allowed to propose others’ productions for the award, but not their own. The jury then nominates the candidates for each category. Finally, members of the German Academy of Performing Arts select the winners from among the shortlisted productions.

Here is the committee’s statement in its entirety:


“The aesthetics of the young Polish director’s work was shaped, among others, by the collaboration with Robert Wilson. The director created an original concept of modern choral theater, mainly women’s. It is a theatrical formula in which she employs an original method of vocal and actor training. Marta Górnicka has received numerous awards – recently, she received a Fast Forward festival prize at the Staatstheater Braunschweig. It was there that she developed the performance (M)OTHER COURAGE – an impressive, linguistically perfect work, involving six actresses and seventeen amateurs, and discussing the topic of war. It is an example of a new theatrical form that engages amateurs. The linguistic aspect of the performance deserves special attention, as it is often considered to be a potential weak point of working with non-professionals The performance demonstrates how foreign artists are able to enrich German theater. It also directs our attention to the director herself, whose art meets much controversy in her own country due to the current political situation there, and whose social involvement in this light is all the more commendable.”

Audition for Marta Górnicka’s new show

„THE HYMN TO LOVE– for orchestra, a chorus of plushies and Others”


ALL interested in the project are invited! 


NOTE: Previous artistic experience (including music and drama) and the candidate’s age are not a factor in the recruitment process.


Rehearsals will take place from the mid November till mid December.


Come and join us!

The audition will take place on September 25th and 26th, from 10:00 a.m. until 8.00 p.m., in Teatr Polski.


For the audition, please prepare:
- your favourite song;
- two sentences about Poland – a true sentence and one that best represents your hopes and dreams for the country;
- a patriotic song or a love song;
- an advertisement for Polish people.


In your applications, entitled “HYMN MIŁOŚCI – casting”, please enclose a cover letter (explaining why you would like to participate), a photograph and a bio (name, date of birth, profession, place of residency, e-mail address, telephone number). With your applications and any questions you may have, please contact Agnieszka Różyńska: until September 22nd.


CHORAL THEATER – is an original modern theatrical form created by Marta Górnicka. Working on each project is experimental and processual. The scores are collages of cultural texts that raise vital social and political issues.


“THE HYMN TO LOVE” is part of Marta Górnicka’s European triptych, opened by the premiere of “MOTHER COURAGE WON’T REMAIN SILENT. A CHORUS FOR WARTIME” in Israel (November 2014). The second part, entitled “M(OTHER) COURAGE”, was staged by Górnicka at the Staatstheater Braunschweig in Germany (September 2015).

THE CHORUS OF WOMEN at Festival de la Cité

The award-winning "MAGNIFICAT" directed by Marta Górnicka will be presented during the Festival de la Cité, annual summer festival in Lausanne, on July 05th and 06th 2016 at 22:00.


For fifty years, Festival de la Cité has been promoting contemporary and interdisciplinary art that is interested in public space and strictly tied to social issues. As the organizers describe THE CHORUS OF WOMEN, “Pussy Riot are not the only ones that shake the patriarchal conventions of the East. While not getting as much media attention, Marta Górnicka’s work – a fighting theatre – is equally involved and determined, drawing its strength to rebel from ancient art forms.”




+ PATRIOTIC DISCO at Nowy Teatr w Warszawie


Marta Górnicka gathers people from both sides of social-political conflict (left and rightwings) in Poland and assembles a paradoxical community, A CHORUS OF POLES, on the stage. The chorus of diffrent registers, a cacophonic chorus.
As many as 50 persons on the stage together create national, collorfull, electro-punk performance based on polish CONSTITUTION.

The Polish-Polish war for words: HOMELAND, TRUTH, NATION, CITIZEN, ENEMY, PATRIOT, TRAITOR, EVERYONE. Polemicists stand on opposite sides and shoot because you cannot talk with ammunition. What is taking freedom away from us? Is there any US?



Because it concerns all of us, even though we may have completely different opinions about it.
Because today we are constantly referring to it – to defend it, to demand its change, to violate it, or to protect it.
Because it is our pride. And our shame.
Because it is our FUNDAMENTAL LAW.





cast: Marta Adamczewska, Beata Banasik, Sebastian Biały, Grzegorz Brandt, Helena Chmielewska-Szlajfer, Ewa Chomicka, Paulina Drzastwa, Maciej Dużyński, Dawid Dziarkowski, Bartosz Gelner, Krystyna Gielecińska, Violetta Glińska, Alicja Herod, Edina Iliasova, Anna Jagłowska, Rafał Jatczak, Maria Jolanta Nałęcz Jawecka, Katarzyna Jaźnicka, Borys Jaźnicki, Mateusz Józwiak, Gubani, Khay Kharoeva, Ewa Konstanciak, Maja Kowalczyk, Wiesław Kowalski, Grzegorz Kuraszkiewicz, Kim Lee, Zaretta Mamaeva, Mateusz Marciniak, Marta Markowicz, Kamila Michalska, Mateusz Michnikowski, Olga Mysłowska, Ngo Van Tuong, Natalia Obrębska, Michał Pęszyński, Jacek Poniedziałek, Anna Rączkowska, Paulina Sacharczuk-Kajper, Natalia Samolijk, Jakub Sitek, Michalina Sitek, Kaja Stępkowska, Kamilla Tantasheva, Ton Van Anh, Dawid Wawryka, Karolina Więch, Anna Wodzyńska, Anna Wojnarowska, Viet Thu Lan Pham, Raisa Zaurbekova, Piotr Zwolski

We do not intend to show that we can sing in unison. We will create a choir which will speak with a variety of voices. A choir of different registers, a cacophonic choir.

Join us!
ANYONE can help read the Constitution.

Warsaw, 10 April 2016

Dear Society,
How are you? How are you doing? We are asking because your life has recently accelerated a great deal. A lot has been going about you. As you know, in theatre we often address you and talk about you a lot. And even we speak on your behalf. A lot of words have been revolving around you with an ever greater velocity, load and striking distance. The Polish-Polish war for words, so they say.
HOMELAND, TRUTH, NATION, CITIZEN, ENEMY, PATRIOT, TRAITOR, EVERYONE. Polemicists stand on opposite sides and shoot because you cannot talk with ammunition.
Whose "Polish values" are Mine? or Yours? What is taking freedom away from us? Is there any US?
We want to ask you about it, Society. We want to ask about it in the theatre.
So this time WE ARE INVITING YOU onstage to read the Constitution.

The Republic of Poland is a commonwealth (CHOIR) of ALL citizens.
The Republic of Poland is a commonwealth (CHOIR) of ALL citizens.

The colours of the Republic of Poland are white and red
WHITE! RED! INVINCIBLE! COLOURS! - somebody in the CHOIR sings in an operatic fashion and somebody a football fan fashion.


What do you think, Society? Fun, huh? Words are there to be spoken .
Will you drop by? Let's talk.
And if you do not want Homeland? Then add some spice and eat it;)


The reading team and Nowy Teatr team


concept, direction, text: MARTA GÓRNICKA
choreography: ANNA GODOWSKA
spatial design: ROBERT RUMAS
visual identity: LUKA RAYSKI


Come MAY


1st of May open dress rehearsal

2nd and 3rd of May performance

Free admission. Free tickets may be picked up at the box office at the theatre.

THE CHORUS OF WOMEN at the Antigel Festival

"MAGNIFICAT" will be shown at the Antigel Festival in Geneva (Suisse) on February 9 at 20.30.

The Antigel Festival is the interdisciplinary festival for dance, music and performance art.


"MAGNIFICAT" will be presented in Le Grand Central - an ephemeral cultural centre designed by architects Bureau A.


details: here

"M(OTHER) COURAGE" among the most important theatre events

According to the piece "M(other) Courage" directed by Marta Górnicka in Staatstheater Braunschweig was one of the 47 productions regarded as the most important theatre events on German, Austrian and Swiss stages in 2015.

In the judging panel's verdict we can read that "Marta Górnicka directs a choral production based on a long-forgotten classic by Brecht and creates a monster-choir; this choir helps us come to terms with the contemporary world”.

Marta Górnicka in Tehran

On 16 and 17 December 2015 Marta Górnicka will lead the workshop CREATE / REDISCOVER THE VOICE in Dramatic Arts Center of Iran in Tehran. The workshop is a part of Days of Polish Theatre - as the end of the international celebration of the Year of Polish Theatre.


On 21 and 22 November THE CHORUS OF WOMEN will perform "MAGNIFICAT" at Transitions Festival in Athens. This year's edition is focused on the most interesting Central European artists.

"For the artists taking part in Transitions 3 the theatre is above all else a political act. They have experienced the abrupt shift to ‘unfettered capitalism’ and the free market at first hand, and their theatre plays an active role in –and adopts a clear stance on– the public discourse on social, ideological and economic issues." said the Artistic Director of the Transitions Festival, Katia Arfara.


During the festival, Marta Górnicka will lead the workshop - vocal and acting voice/body training session according to her own method.


Details: here

Day of Solidarity with Refugees

THE CHORUS OF WOMAN joins to the all-Polish initiative action The Day of Solidarity with Refugees to manifest openness and support for immigrants currently arriving in Europe.

"MAGNIFICAT" as a part of the "Courtyard of the Gentiles"

On 7 November 2015 THE CHORUS OF WOMEN will present "MAGNIFICAT" in Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw as a part of the "Courtyard of the Gentiles" project.

The debate "Is there religious censorship in Poland?" will take place after the performance. Edwin Bendyk, Rev. Andrzej Draguła, Izabela Kowalczyk i Ewa Majewska will take part in the conservation about freedom of speech and artistic freedom of expression

Opening of "M(OTHER) COURAGE"

On 25 September 2015, Staatstheater Braunschweig held the opening of "M(other) Courage" directed by Marta Górnicka, with choreography by Anna Godowska. Wojciech Blecharz wrote the score for Marta Górnicka's libretto; the set concept is created by Robert Rumas.

The production is part of a triptych which begins with the production "MOTHER COURAGE won't remain silent. A CHORUS FOR WAR TIME" involving the participation of a chorus of sixty mothers and children of Jewish and Arab origin, along with Israeli soldiers-dancers. Its première took place on 13 December 2014 in the space of the Museum of Modern Art in Tel Aviv. The performance inaugurated the promotion of Polish theatre abroad, associated with the celebration of the 250 years of public theatre in Poland. Another part of the triptych will be created in 2016.


In MOTHER COURAGE, an obscene public chorus is established. It is obscene as it provides voice to those who should be mute: mothers, immigrants and children. And it is the voice of the generation of conflict in GERMANY and EUROPE. EUROPE of the madness of neo-nationalist language, conflict, prejudice, fear and violence. The CHORUS asks questions about the understandable anxiety and irrational fear, about the Strangers, refugees in Germany and in Europe; about the reality full of violence and absurdity; about the brutal clash of human attitudes.


Snippets of military marches (Wenn die Soldaten), love songs, quotes from "Mother Courage" and "Fatzer" become signs of different directions. Texts from newspapers or from works by Jelinek, Heiner Müller, Habermas, sociological texts, children's counting-out rhymes, songs by Schubert, quotes from the Bible, national classics and fragments of Nazi marches: the CHORUS uses them to ask what about those who no longer have the strength to bear reality in contemporary Europe? In Germany? What is their reality? What is a phantasm, and what is real? Where is the "truth"? There is no history beyond war – says Brecht. Towards whom is war waged today?


Marta Górnicka:
To me, MOTHER is a whole constellation of different options which I activate on stage: a woman, a man, a voice from the computer, Germany, Europe, Merkel. And, finally, the Mother or M(other). Today, her children are dogs, Jews, Arabs, immigrants, homosexuals, mute Catherines. All those who are excluded. All those who are trying to be Courage. And those who no longer have the strength to bear reality. Those who do not pay off. For no one. But they cry "MOTHER!". Yet, these are also "wicked" children, nationalists, violent hooligans. Is it possible to find room in Mother's cart for these millions of children today? A MOTHER is weeping over her child – the nation – who is making mistakes again, it is never perfect. But, again, she gives birth to another son, another daughter, whom she sends to the war... For me, MUTTER is a vehicle through which I try to talk about the brutality of today's world, about how inhuman a human can be, how history comes full circle.


And, finally, GERMANY as a mother. A NATION in the middle of EUROPE. A big body lying in the middle of Europe. A replicating body - a NATION. A mother who declares: "I am ready to accept everyone, but also to spit them out".

© Volker Beinhorn, Staatstheater Braunschweig

Details: here


THE CHORUS OF WOMEN FOUNDATION was established on September 22, 2015 in Warsaw. The foundation is represented by Marta Górnicka - the Chairmen of the Board, Małgorzata Błasińska and Łukasz Jaskuła - the Members of the Board.

THE CHORUS OF WOMEN opens the festival in Basel

THE CHORUS OF WOMEN will perform "MAGNIFICAT" as the opening of the international festival "It’s The Real Thing - Basler Dokumentartage'15" on 15 April 2015 at 8:30 pm.

"MAGNIFICIAT" will be shown in Kaserne Basel theatre, which is placed in the buildings of the ancient abbey in Basel.


Details: here

THE CHORUS OF WOMEN in La Villette in Paris

The performance of CHORUS OF WOMEN - "MAGNIFICAT" directed by Marty Górnicka will be performed in La Villette in Paris during the "L'Esprit de groupe" festival on 17 and 18 March 2015.


THE CHORUS OF WOMEN starts the tournee in France. It will perform "MAGNIFICAT" in Marseille, Martigues, Aix-en-Provence and Tours at festival Parallèle 2015 and at festival Écoute/Voir.


In Marseille Marta Górnicka will lead the workshop according to her own method. In Tours the after-performance talk will take place with Marta Górnicka (director), Anna Godowska (choreographer) and the choreuts.

Tour dates:
13.01.2015 at 20:30 in Marseille, festival Parallèle 2015, Le Merlan scène nationale de Marseille
14.01.2015 at 20:30 in Martigues, festival Parallèle 2015, Le Théâtre des Salins, scène nationale de Martigues
16.01.2015 at 20:30 in Aix-en-Provence, festival Parallèle 2015, Le Théâtre du Bois de L'Aune
18.01.2015 at 17:30 in Tours, festival Écoute/Voir, l'Opera de Tours/Grand Théâtre de Tours


A performance for a chorus of 60 Arab and Jewish mothers, Israeli dancer-soldiers, and Arab children, scored for four spaces in the Museumm of Modern Art in Tel Aviv. "MOTHER COURAGE CAN'T REMAIN SILENT"is a chorus of two tongues (Arabic and Hebrew) and one voice.


The MOTHER COURAGE project premiered on 11 December 2014 launched international promotion of Polish theater which is a part of celebration of 250 years of public theater in Poland.

In this project, Marta Górnicka, the author of a new form of chorus theatre, brings her research to the space of particularly understood social theatre direction. She invites groups functioning in radically conflicted communities to participate in the performance, and she works with them creating a possibility to express extreme affections and enable direct interaction between those who are usually separated by an invisible barrier. It’s no longer about reproduction of conflict or mechanisms of its expansion on a stage but about revealing it in its full intensity and deadly collisions. And, despite all that, to find an opportunity to create a joint work that will speak in many languages and in one human voice at the same time.


The chorus, which is formed in the course of such work, gives a chance to transform fatal antagonisms into agonism revealed on stage. It allows people divided by irreducible differences to stand next to each other, people who, by the very fact of cooperation in the domain of voice and body recognize the legitimacy of those whom policies define as "enemies".


The point also is to ask a radical question about social effectiveness of art versus the most difficult challenges of the modern world. And by asking, at the same time to make an effort to transform art into a tool for crossing constantly increasing hostility attitudes in societies.


Who is Mother Courage today? Who are the women in a system of war and conflict? In the location where one of the world's biggest conflicts takes place, the Chorus will speak: we will hear the words like bullets, combined with singing and songs for children.


The Chorus will speak against the images of "conflict", "other", and "enemy", born in an usurped language. In this surreal world of war, where violence is cropped, one doesn't know any more what is "violence" and what is "defence," what are "lives at risk" and what are "valuable lives", what is an "act of terror" and what is a defence against this act, who is a "friend" and who is the "enemy"?


Will war as a "business" will be reproduced indefinitely? Am I not "human enough"? - one of the mothers asked. Who is "more human": an Arab or a Jew? "As long as we see a human being in the other person, in this and only in this way will we stop the madness?" Robi Damelin, an Arab mother, asks.


There, where it seems that there are no more voices - we'll try to speak.

There, where one can only be afraid of words - we'll sing.

MOTHER is an extreme project. The Arab and Jewish women whom I met are wise, brave. During the rehearsals, they cry out as if they were singing. They sing as if they were crying out (…) Together, we will ask what a human being is.


"REQUIEMACHINE" directed by Marta Górnicka will be presented at Festival Automne en Normandie in Pau, in Le Havre and in Nanterre. Marta Górnicka will lead the workshop in Théâtre des Bains-Douches in Le Havre on 16 November. There will be after-performance talk with THE CHORUS OF WOMEN in Nanterre on 28 November.

Tour dates:

17-18.11.2014 Le Havre, festival Automne en Normandie/Centre culturel La Forge-Harfleur

20.11.2014 Pau, Scène conventionnée danse-théâtre de Pau

22-23, 25-30.11.2014 Nanterre, Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers


THE CHORUS OF WOMEN will present two of its most important performances, "MAGNIFICAT" and "REQUIEMACHINE" at prestigious Berliner Festspiele Foreign Affairs.

The Chorus of Women will be available to the German audience on 1st, 2nd and 3rd June.

"MAGNIFICAT" will be staged in Haus der Berliner Festspiele on 3 July at 20:00 and at 22:00. "REQUIEMACHINE" will be presented on 4 and 5 July at 22:00, also in Haus der Berliner Festspiele.


Foreign Affairs is an international festival of contemporary performing arts in Berlin. 

"MAGNIFICAT" in Nottingham

The award-winning "MAGNIFICAT" will be presented during the Notthingham European Arts and Theatre Festival 2014 on 26 and 27 May 2014 at 20:00.

"REQUIEMACHINE" in Strasbourg and Dresden

After the great success at the festival "Sans Interdits" at Théâtre de la Renaissance in Lyon, "REQUIEMACHINE" comes to France again. It will be performed at Théâtre National de Strasbourg from 28 March to 1 April.

The performance will be shown 10 times. Théâtre National de Strasbourg is a coproducer of the third choral project directed by Marta Górnicka.


The next stop of THE CHORUS OF WOMEN is Dresden. "REQUIEMACHINE" will be performed at Bürgerbühne Festival on 21 May 2015 at 18:00 and at 20:00.


"REQUIEMACHINE" by Marta Górnicka will be performed in Teatr Mały in Tychy on 21 February 2014.

The workshop of choral theatre

The list of participants of the workshop led by Marta Górnicka on 25 and 26 January 2014.

25 January 2014 

1. Gawlita Anna

2. Gibki Karolina

3. Górniak Olga

4. Hawryluk Małgorzata

5. Izert Michalina

6. Jędrzejewska Paulina

7. Kutyła Dorota

8. Łucyk Weronika

9. Łuczak Beata

10. Marczyk Monika

11. Oleksyn Przemysław

12. Szuszkiewicz Piotr

13. Tustanowska Joanna

14. Żbikowska Marta


26 January 2014

1. Ankiersztejn Marta

2. Arrigoni Giuseppina

3. Cieślak Ola

4. Duniec Klara

5. Gutfeld Agnieszka

6. Kaczor Dorota

7. Leszczyńska Karolina

8. Leszczyńska Natalia

9. Niemyjska Zuzanna

10. Pawłowska Zuzanna

11. Siutsova Lena

12. Sokołowska Marta

13. Sosińska Agnieszka

14. Tejwan Martyna

15. Wróblewska Joanna

16. Zembowicz Lucyna

"REQUIEMACHINE" a 2013 hit

"REQUIEMACHINE" is in the rating of the best performances of 2013 published by weekly “Polityka”.

In the judging panel's verdict we can read that "25 men and 8 women declaim, shout, whisper and moan Władysław Broniewski’s poetry. Export product of the year, it traveled aruond the world".


The performance in a frame of "X-APARTMENT, Kosice 2013 - the European Capital of Culture".

Libretto and direction: Marta Górnicka
Starring: Miłka Janova cleaner in a factory, Duszan Jano worker in a factory, Dominika, Tatiana Janova, Eva Horvatova unemployee and grandma, Adrian Jano worker in a steel factory
Dramaturgie: Johanna Hoehmann
Assistant: Julia Cehelska
Production: Goethe Institut with the support of the Polish Institute in Bratislava

THIS IS THE CHORUS SPEAKING, MAGNIFICAT and REQUIEMACHINE. Marta Górnicka’s productions at the Malta Festival Poznań 2013.

“REQUIEMACHINE” – the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute’s latest premiere – is an international production in cooperation with four European institutions: Ringlokschuppen (Mülheim, Germany), La Filature - Scène Nationale (Mulhouse, France), and Théâtre National de Strasbourg and Le Maillon (Strasbourg, France).

The Polish premiere of this production took place on March 24, 2103 at the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, the French premiere – on May 22, 2013 in Mulhouse, while German premiere performance took place on June 14, 2013 in Mülheim an der Ruhr (Ringlokschuppen).

At the Malta Festival Poznań in June 2013, “REQUIEMACHINE” will be performed as part of the “OH-MAN, OH-MACHINE – MAN-MACHINE” category, curated by renowned Italian director Romeo Castellucci. The production is the only Polish event in the festival’s main program.

Performances of “REQUIEMACHINE” will take place at the Old Slaughterhouse (Garbara St. 101/111, Poznań) on June 26, 2013 at 8:00 PM and June 27 at 8:00 PM and 10:30 PM. At the Malta Festival Poznań the Theatre Institute will also present two previous Marta Górnicka’s performances: CHORUS OF WOMEN: “THIS IS THE CHORUS SPEAKING...” (June 24, 2013, 9:30 PM) and CHORUS OF WOMEN: “MAGNIFICAT” (June 25, 2013, 9:30 PM). All of the events will take place on Plac Wolności in Poznań. More information on the festival program and tickets is available at:

Next performances of Marta Górnicka’s productions:
“THIS IS THE CHORUS SPEAKING...”, “MAGNIFICAT”, “REQUIEMACHINE”: Lyon (Festival “Sens Interdits”, 25th -27th of October, 2013)
“REQUIEMACHINE”: Strasburg (Festival “Premieres” 28th of March – 1st of April, 2014).


Marta Górnicka returns with her third production.

The "REQUIEMACHINE" performance features 25 men and 8 women. The world premiere of the performance takes place on the 24th of March 2013 at the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute (Instytut Teatralny) in Warsaw.

Marta Górnicka won the main prize on "Fast Forward" European Festival for Young Stage Directors.

Marta Górcicka received the main prize for "MAGNIFICAT"on European Festival for Young Stage Directors "Fast Forward" in Braunschweig (Germany).

Act of emancipation, 19.11.2012

“MAGNIFICAT" by a Polish director Marta Górnicka received the main prize on the second edition of European Festival for Young Stage Directors "Fast Forward" that ended the Sunday's night in Staatstheater Braunschweig.

"MAGNIFICAT” is a performance that showed us the exceptional way of work with the chorus theatre. In Marta Górnicka interpretation chorus commits the act of emancipation. This is not homogenous group, but vivid, noisy organism, composed of memorable individuals." - this is the quatation from statement of the Festival's jury, consisting of: Beatrix Bühler - curator of Swiss "Auawirlaben" festival, Paolo Magelli – theatre director from Italy, Christian Rakow - theatre critic (Nachtkritik) and Joachim Kleoment – general director of Staatstheaters Braunschweig. „MAGNIFICAT” competed with seven other realizations from six european countries. The winner - Marta Górnicka - next season will direct in  Staatstheater Braunschweig.(Staatstheater Braunschweig / sd)

21st of November, 2012 CHORUS OF WOMEN starts a tournée in France. The performances: "THIS IS THE CHORUS SPEAKING" and "MAGNIFICAT" will be shown among others in Rennes, Arras, Douai oraz na festiwalu La Rose des Vents w Villeneuve d'Ascq.

THE CHORUS OF WOMEN in France and Belgium

THE CHORUS OF WOMEN starts the tournee in France and Belgium. During 10 days it will perform in 6 cities.


22.11.2012 at 19.00: "MAGNIFICAT" in Rennes, Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Etienne, 14 rue d’Echange, 35000, Rennes

23.11.2012 at 21.30: "MAGNIFICAT" in Rennes, Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Etienne, 14 rue d’Echange, 35000, Rennes

24.11.2012 at 20.00: "MAGNIFICAT" in Rennes, Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Etienne, 14 rue d’Echange, 35000, Rennes

27.11.2012 at 20:00 "MAGNIFICAT" in Arras, Salle a l'Italienne

28.11.2012 at 20.00: "THIS IS THE CHORUS SPEAKING" in Douai Salle Andre Malraux

29.11.2012 at 20:15: "THIS IS THE CHORUS SPEAKING" in Ieper, Het Perron Ieper, Fochlaan 1, 8900 Ieper (Belgium)

30.11.2012 at 20:00: "THIS IS THE CHORUS SPEAKING" in Vieux Conde, Le Bulon hall

1.12.2012 at 20:30: "MAGNIFICAT" in Villeneuve d'Ascq Festival La Rose des Vents


Marta Górnicka, Romeo Castellucci, Sandrine Buring, Oskaras Koršunovas on prestigious "euro-scene" festival in Leipzig

THE CHORUS OF WOMEN performance "THIS IS THE CHORUS SPEAKING" was shown on 22nd  International Theatre Festival "euro-scene", which is the selection of the most distinctive theatre directors and choreographers from allover Europe. In this year's edition there were the performances of Romeo Castellucci ("Sul concetto di volto nel figlio di Dio") Oskar Koršunovas ("Miranda" based on "The Tempest" of William Shakespeare), "En Atendant" by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker-one of the most important european choreographers and "THIS IS THE CHORUS SPEAKING" directed by Marta Górnicka shown.
"THIS IS THE CHORUS SPEAKING" was performed 7th and 8th of November 2012 at 22.00 in Schaubühne Lindenfels. The full program of the festival is available on:

"MAGNIFICAT" in Braunschweig

17 and 18 November 2012 THE CHORUS OF WOMEN will perform at the festival "Fast Forward" European Festival for Young Stage Directors.

"MAGNIFICAT" will be performed twice at "Fast Forward" European Festival for Young Stage Directors, organized by the Staatstheater Braunschweig in Germany. "MAGNIFICAT" will be shown on November 17 at 19.00 and November 18 at 20.15 at the Staatstheater Braunschweig. Details:

"MAGNIFICAT" the best performance of the International Theatre Festival MESS Sarajevo

The performance of CHORUS OF WOMEN - "MAGNIFICAT" by Marty Górnicka received the prestigious Silver Laurel Wreath for the best performance of the International Theatre Festival MESS Sarajevo MESS FUTURE category.

The performance of CHORUS OF WOMEN - "MAGNIFICAT" by Marty Górnicka received the prestigious Silver Laurel Wreath for the best performance of the International Theatre Festival MESS Sarajevo MESS FUTURE category. FUTURE MESS festival is a special program focusing on the search for new languages ​​in theater and promote young artists. The CHORUS OF WOMEN also had two special prizes awarded by journalists Radio Sarajevo and magazine "Dani" - "Hrabri Novi Svijet".

The jury's verdict MESS International Theatre Festival 2012:

THE CHORUS OF WOMEN on the Congress of Women

This Saturday, 15 of September at 11.30 THE CHORUS OF WOMEN will present Project II: "MAGNIFICAT" on 4th Congress of Women - WOMEN FOR POLAND, POLAND FOR WOMEN in The Congress Hall in Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw

THE CHORUS OF WOMEN awarded in Koszalin

The performace of THE CHORUS OF WOMEN "MAGNIFICAT" directed by Marta Górnicka received the Main Prize and The Viewer's Prize on 3rd Koszalin Youth Confrontation "m-teatr" 2012 festival.

Jury of 3rd Koszalin Youth Confrontation "m-teatr" 2012, consistiing of Joanna Krakowska, Zenon Butkiewicz and Zdzisław Derebecki unanimously  awarded Marta Górnicka the Main Prize for direction of "MAGNIFICAT" performed by THE CHORUS OF WOMEN - ensamble working by Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw.

"MAGNIFICAT" was also awarded by the Koszalin's audience as the best performance of this year edition of festival organized for the 3rd time by Bałtycki Teatr Dramatyczny in Koszalin.

Next performances

Upcoming performances of THE CHORUS OF WOMEN in Warsaw:

20th, 21th, 22th of October, 20:00 project II: "MAGNIFICAT" in Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute